A historical memoir and precautionary tale of what life was like in the mother of all socialist countries – the Soviet Union 


Recent polling suggests that significant numbers of young 

Americans are leaning toward socialism as an acceptable form of governance. In Russian Wonderland  shines a light on daily life in a society run by a large, omnipotent government and provides a birds-eye view of the realities of socialism and its natural outgrowth – communism.  


As a result of his six months of daily interaction with large numbers of Soviet citizens, the author was able to give the reader an “up close and personal" view of life in a truly Orwellian society.  As such, this book is a warning from history, providing a highly reader-friendly illustration of British philosopher George Santayana’s prophetic words that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. 

As we view what daily life is still like in Cuba and take note of what Venezuelan voters did to their once-thriving country by opting for socialism, Americans would do well to examine the place where that command and control system was first implemented in the name of “change” and “progress.”  As many Soviets used to joke, “It would have been better had the communists first tried out this system on laboratory animals!”


Book Review

"Alarmed by the perverse sympathies toward communism and socialism he's seeing in our new America, in 2017 Charles Cole wrote a memoir of his six surreal months in the USSR, in hopes of not only preserving that history but begging Americans to pay heed to the lessons of the failed communist experiment. He hopes to offer truth as an antidote to 'mind-numbing propaganda,' then and still today."

Paul Kengor, PhD 

Professor of Political Science, Grove City College


"Mr. Cole's insightful and precise account of life in the Soviet Union sheds important light on the realities of a tyrannical regime too often ignored by Western historians.  I strongly recommend this book to anyone contemplating socialism as a replacement for our system. In Russian Wonderland  serves as a grim reminder of what can happen when people ignore the lessons of history."    

 Alex Vorobiov, PhD 

Former Chairperson, Russian Area Studies Program at Oregon State University  and retired Assistant Provost of the Defense Language Institute  


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